Is the story the same and was it possible Cameron knew the episode WOLFSPACK?
You are convinced that your work was used without permission - but what now?
Today as well as three years ago, we don't want to damage the film or Cameron. This, for the reason above mentioned and because we do have the respect for the author of a work and his intellectual property. But, as it has been shown without spending a lot of money it is even not possible to talk with Fox or Cameron and much less to negotiate.
After the last review with a legal advice, we decided to keep the issue not longer confidential. Why? Now, we want to have that recognized: the "forest planet-indigenous-industrial-mercenary-luminous forest"-novel WOLFSPACK was written in 1983, my brother and I made a graphic novel of it in 1989, and the colored graphic novel was published 1992 by "Heavy Metal" in three European countries. With the novel and the graphic novel we were years ahead of James Cameron's AVATAR. For this recognition, we obviously have to fight. Since our own resources are not sufficient for such a struggle for recognition, we ask for public support through donations and the purchase of the graphic novel WOLFSPACK and its comparison to Cameron's AVATAR.
  bok5   Get your own opinion, read the facts! Now it is possible to purchase the material that was treated only confidentially until Oct 2013. There are two offers:

1.) The original grapic novel WOLFSPACK like it was drawn 1989 in black & white (ink) in Germany plus the scan of the colored version from the comic book of 1992 plus a scan of the original cover plus the colored version translated into English. All that merged into one pdf-document (27 pages).


2.) The content of offer 1 plus the "Comparison WOLFSPACK vs. AVATAR " plus for free: pretrial material, a scan of the print from 1991 (Moebius/Musal-Brothers), a copy of the email-letter (relevant part) from film production house CONSTANTIN - all that also merged into one pdf-document (55 pages).

Please feel free to help us in this struggle for recognition also by donating. Thank you!